Yang photo of 2008 Orlando dog shootings
  • Background and Overview

    On May 19, 2008, a prominent Orlando businessman shot two Siberian huskies. He claimed afterward that the pet dogs had attacked him. But a YouTube video of the shooting refuted those claims, sparking a "global outcry." The businessman, Christopher Comins, now faces multiple counts of felony animal cruelty, following a grassroots Internet movement in which thousands of private citizens petitioned the State of Florida to file criminal charges. Although I was neither the initiator nor ringleader of this grassroots movement, Christopher Comins is suing me for tens of thousands of dollars for writing about what happened. As a lover of dogs and of the First Amendment, I believe it was my right to speak out. I’ve decided to defend that right in court. This website will keep you informed on the latest news regarding this court case.

Appeal Update: Initial Briefs Filed

Appeal Process Limps Along It’s been fourteen months since my last update because the Court of Appeals’ initiation dance takes that long to complete. That is not to imply that anything is yet completed, but after over a year, there’s finally something new to report. To recap where we are: following the circuit court’s granting … Continue reading

5th DCA Issues Order to Show Cause

On September 8, 2011, the Fifth District Court of Appeals issued an Order to Show Cause. The order gives Comins ten days to present a compelling argument as to why his appeal should not be dismissed due to lack of jurisdiction. My Counterclaim against Comins for Malicious Prosecution and Abuse of Process is still pending, … Continue reading

August 2011 Appeal Updates

The dog shooter filed a Notice of Appeal on August 18, 2011, three weeks after his Motion for Rehearing was denied, and a few days after the trial judge reluctantly denied my Motion for Sanctions against the Plaintiff’s lawyers in what the Court called “a very, very close call.” So now we have to deal … Continue reading

Not Over Yet

On Friday, Comins filed a Motion for Rehearing and Clarification. If I sounded less jubilant than you might have expected late last week when I reported that I had defeated Chris Comins in the court of law, it was because deep down I knew this ordeal wasn’t over yet.

Van Voorhis Motion Granted

Motion for Summary Judgment Granted!

Today the Court granted my Motion for Summary Judgment in the Comins v. VanVoorhis case, on the grounds that Chris Comins failed to obey the basic legal requirements that must be met before suing a media defendant for libel in the state of Florida. Read the Motion for Summary Judgment Read the Court’s Order Granting … Continue reading

Under Advisement: Summary Judgment

Two separate hearings were held today in the Comins v. VanVoorhis case. Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment hearing, 9:30-10:15AM Plaintiff’s Motion to Dismiss Counterclaim, 11:30-11:45 The results of these hearings are as follows. My Motion for Summary Judgment was filed back on March 1st, 2011. (See also, this week’s Replay to Plaintiff’s Opposition).  The court … Continue reading

Motion for Summary Judgment filed, March 1, 2011
Justice in Florida

Justice In Orlando, Florida: How It Works And For Whom

The criminal trial may be over, but the shooter’s civil lawsuits are still pending against bloggers and citizens who spoke publicly about the shooting. Why shouldn’t Comins keep taking the battle to court? He obviously can’t win in the court of public opinion—but he is unbeatable in the Orange County Courthouse. But that stops here. I will continue to defend myself against this bully for as long as he continues his attack.

Broken gavel

Famous Law Pundit “Concerned” by Judge Bob LeBlanc’s Impromptu Ruling

Famous law professor Jonathan Turley has weighed in on the Comins verdict. “(Judge Bob) LeBlanc stopped the trial before that issue was allowed to be decided by the jury — a surprising move since this would appear the ultimate fact finding… Many disagreed with the ruling. I am less concerned about the ruling on the … Continue reading

Shocking But Not Surprising

Judge Cuts In On Jury, Comins Gets Off Yesterday Christopher Comins was acquitted in the Orlando dog shooting trial. In an unexpected decision, Judge Bob LeBlanc granted Comins’ Motion for Judgment of Acquittal (argued at the close of the State’s case) and dismissed the case. In every criminal case, after hearing all of the prosecution’s … Continue reading